A Tribute to Basil D'Oliveira's Career

These are some of the comments and testimonials to Basil D'Oliveira's life & career, from those who knew him personally and others whose lives he touched.

  • Peter Hain MP

    As a schoolboy in South Africa, I both learnt to play cricket and to adopt fierce anti-apartheid beliefs.

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  • Rachael Heyhoe-Flint

    I always quote Basil as one of the real gentlemen of cricket...

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  • Peter Jewell

    Basil D'Oliveira may be remembered more as an innocent pawn in the game of international politics rather than a top quality international all rounder.

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  • Clive Mantle

    It was Gerald Davies for Rugby - Peter Bonetti for Football - and Basil D’Oliveira for Cricket. My sporting idols.

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  • Sir John Major KG CH ACIB

    When Basil D'Oliveira was in his prime, I was just a young cricket lover.

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