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Basil D'Oliveira - A name that changed history

Welcome to the Basil D’Oliveira website; perhaps the first time that the truth about my father and our family has had an opportunity to be told from our perspective.

My father, Basil D'Oliveira, is a unique individual who was subjected to the most stringent of tests – that of upholding his character and integrity when fate singled him out to be a catalyst for change. He didn’t come through it unscathed, as neither did many people during that time of opposition to the immorality of Apartheid, but it did bring about a depth of determination matched only by a level of introspection that few sportsmen or women have had to endure, or continue to endure, when they find themselves at the centre of a political maelstrom.

The name D’Oliveira will be indelibly linked forever to that monumental year in the history of the world – 1968 – with his addition to the touring party to go to South Africa and the subsequent withdrawal of the team when the South African hosts objected to his inclusion in the squad.

This website is a continuing dialogue about my father’s life and experience, my own life and that of our family and the future of the D’Oliveira dynasty.

Thank you for taking time to visit this site and lingering a little longer to hear our story.

Many thanks,

Damian D'Oliveira

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