A Tribute to Basil D'Oliveira's Career

These are some of the comments and testimonials to Basil D'Oliveira's life & career, from those who knew him personally and others whose lives he touched.

  • Patrick Murphy

    To appreciate the worth of Basil D'Oliveira,you just had to be there.

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  • Andre Odendaal

    Driven from South Africa in the 1960's by apartheid, Basil D'Oliveira went on to represent England with aplomb.

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  • Nick Owen

    Basil was already a huge sporting name when I first got to know him.

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  • Sir Michael Parkinson CBE

    Basil D'Oliveira was not only a fine cricketer but an important figure in the anti Apartheid movement.

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  • Jim Parks

    I continued to admire Basil’s talents for a number of years thereafter playing against him.

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