Basil Demonstrated Extraordinary Determination to Win.

My experience with Basil was that he was a cricketer and soccer/football player beyond his years, ahead of his time.
This was very evident when as teenagers, and also as young adults, we played local and club sports in Cape Town
There were players that had more talent, but Basil was more dedicated, demonstrated extraordinary determination to win, and had the uncanny will to succeed.

When he was inadvertently involved in the South African political arena, he maintained his exemplary composure not to be involved.
His behaviour during that stressful ordeal was commendable. 
So much has been written about Basil’s achievements and accomplishments. A truly unique and gifted sportsman.
I am honoured and privileged to have him as my brother-in-law.
I will be amiss if I did not mention the important roll Naomi played in Basil’s accomplishments.
Even though I know she won’t want this mentioned, I am compelled to make people aware of the tremendous ordeals she had to endure and overcome. 


In the 1950’s she migrated from South Africa with her infant son Damian to join Basil in the UK. She left the comfort and security zone of home and family to help Basil pursue his aspirations. She left the segregated environment of South Africa and had to adjust to the affluent open society in the UK. Because Basil had cricket commitments, she had to by herself adjust to the English culture and mindset. When Shaun was born, she had to raise their boys by herself.

Naomi’s dedication for her family was phenomenal. She did her utmost to ensure a happy family life for her boys. 

Reggie Brache

Reggie Brache

Brother in law and life long supporter of the D’Oliveira family.

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