Michael Parkinson - Basil D'Oliveira, Dignified & Principled

Basil D'Oliveira was not only a fine cricketer but an important figure in the anti Apartheid movement. His treatment by South Africa gave us in England the benefit of watching a fine player in action, it also brought out the worst in the people running English cricket, namely the MCC. Basil made us confront the appalling reality of Apartheid and all but the MCC ducked the issue. His treatment by the MCC degraded not just a fine man but the basic principles of fair play which for so long we had declared to be the very foundation of being British. Through all the tumult Basil remained a dignified and principled figure. I was proud to know him at the time as I am proud of my continuing associating with him. My thoughts are very much with Basil and his family. What must never be forgotten is Basil's place not simply in the history of cricket but in the continued fight against prejudice in the world.

Sir Michael Parkinson CBE

Sir Michael Parkinson CBE - Broadcaster & Journalist. A life long lover of cricket and is most famous for presenting his eponymous programme Parkinson.

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